Positive Vs. Negative Reviews and Insights – By: David Garlow

Okay, time to let off some steam. I can’t tell you how many times in the past week some jamoke had asked, “But, where are the honest reviews? Where are the ones telling me what sucks?” Really? REALLY!?

Here’s the deal: You suck you troll! Why the fuck would I waste my time writing about something that I can’t stand? How would I? I turn that crap off after 22 1/2 seconds. You want to bash someone or something? I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you are one of those douchebags on places like Syracuse.com playing wadboy under everything that allows a comment thread. Yeah you, anonymous and full of vile, trash just because you can and they let you with no repercussions. You demean and thrash under Mommy’s roof as you live for free in her basement. You are most likely 25-35 and a complete loser. You want me to bash? Okay, YOU are the target.

“Well, I thought this sucked” or “I don’t like this band because…” Is that what you think? To borrow from The Rock, “It doesn’t matter what you think!” No one gives a crap about negative writings or your endless need to spew your useless gutter thoughts about someone you never even met. You think you matter by helping to bring someone down, although you don’t. You take joy in seeing anyone crash and burn because it somehow justifies your pathetic existence, uneducated life, and worthless bank account. You are a troll, a worm, a zit on life’s skanky ass and you don’t see it, you probably stare at Mom’s underwear while it sits next to the washer down in her basement, you sick, useless worm.

So you want me to ‘be honest’ about someone that at least tries and puts themselves out there. Why, because you don’t like it? You think they sell-out by trying to make some money and getting known? The truth is, you don’t matter and no one cares about your spoodge-breathed opinions, not that anyone is actually ever really near you. You sit behind that screen on Mommy’s computer and be as negative as you want. That could by why you and your ‘ahem’ partners ‘blog’ failed miserably, because you suck. The rest of us will find flesh, life, and worth in the world.

-David Garlow

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