FEATURED BAND: Burn The Informant

Band Name: Burn The Informant
Location: Hornell, NY
Genre: Melodic Deathcore


Burn The Informant is a melt-your-face-off melodic deathcore band from Hornell, NY. Their sound is enriched with the blending of three guitarists, JP Davis, Mike Roche and Clarence Moore. Added to that equation are bassist Ian Taylor, drummer Jason Graves and the powerful vocals of Rian Colburn. Three of the band members, Graves, Moore and Colburn, are also involved in other bands.
The band has been around for a quite a while under other names and their line-up has changed a few times. Prior to becoming the band they are today, four of the band members were known as Unbroken Will and before that they were Product Of Hostility.
In August 2011, the band came together after a bit of a hiatus as Unbroken Will to fill in for a band that had cancelled one of Hornell’s biggest events of the year, NY Underground Mayhem. That same month they volunteered to play a second show which was a memorial and benefit show for two of their best friends and former bandmates. At this show they introduced their new band as Burn The Informant along with introducing their new vocalist and third guitarist in front of a crowd of fans in Hornell, where they are one of the hometown favorites.
Burn The Informant gives a phenomenal live performance. If you’ve never heard the band, I recommend you check them out.


For more information on Burn The Informant-
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Burn-The-Informant/113609012074448?sk=app_178091127385

-Janet Ballos

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