VERSE reunites, plans new album and tours

Providence, Rhode Island’s Verse have announced plans to reunite for shows and a new album in 2012. Verse disbanded in 2009. The band had this to say:
“I think it just really came down to us missing playing music and the chemistry we shared in our creative process. Things just got a little crazy in our lives at home, with being on tour all the time, having all this weight to carry and people to keep happy. It really ended up burning us out. We needed some time to step away and focus on having some sort of stability for a while. “
The band’s return show is February 11th at AS220 in Providence with Defeater, Soul Control and Sweet Jesus. They are also planning to play at Belgian music festival Groezrock in April 2012. Verse plans on recording a full length album in 2012, as well as touring the West Coast and Europe with label mates Soul Control.

They last released Aggression, which will be seeing a vinyl rerelease through Bridge 9 records in 2012.


-Brian Lawrence

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