CONFORZA “The Acronausium” is engaging; ultimately satisfying

The Acronausim is a five song release from Manchester, NH’s Conforza. Punctuated with the deft and often busy blending of many different sounds, this release sets the tone immediately with the opening lyrics: ‘This is the mouth of war’. Bursts of blast beat that are more along the lines of Cryptopsy than DRI and more tempo changes than sex with a meth addict make this an engaging and ultimately satisfying listen, even the first time around.
Expressive guitar bits that stray from the typical harmonized guitar lines so currently prevalent just lately add substantive style and a uniqueness that’s both refreshing and hopefully indicative of what’s to come in general from metal. The discordant and oddly timed intro to ‘Rotting Away The Impulse’ is a high point. Add in a solid production and there’s nothing here not to like. The vocals of Mykel Boisvert provide a steady counterpoint to the constantly changing, somewhat spastic music of Guitarists Jesse Blanchette and Mikey Frasca, Bassist Matt Desmond and drummer Matt McSweeny.
As the album runs on, I find the constant, sudden tempo changes to be a huge positive as this type of music can rather drone on when not handled with the effortless skill Conforza displays throughout this stellar collection of songs. In an overpopulated world where people call music brutal and take themselves seriously, sometimes it’s easy to undervalue the fundamentals of what makes a collection of songs good. Conforza clearly has not.
1. We Are The Servants
2. Of Machines
3. Rotting Away The Impulse
4. Paralells
5. The Human Emotion
-Brian Lawrence

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