FEATURED BAND: Laestrygonia

Band On The Rise: Laestrygonia

This Geneva, NY, band is one that you will be hearing about a lot more in the future. Being a fan of instrumental music with maximum complexity, I was not disappointed when listening to the demo tracks that I was able to score here. Progressive metal in instrumental form, is one of the highest musical artforms when done correctly. These guys are on to something with this project. The great interweaving of dual guitar shredding mastery and the  blistering precision of this band’s backbeat, is what this band does best and often. Check out tunes like “Auroch,” and “The Grizzly,” to see the prowess that this band possesses, and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Although the band is new to the Upstate scene, it appears that they might be a force to be reckoned with, NOW! If you are into bands like Don Caballero, Canvas Solaris, or Blotted Science, these guys may be right up your alley! Even if you are not exposed to the instrumental side of the metal scene, I urge you check them out immediately!

Shaun Secaur- Guitar
CJ Darrow- Guitar
Nick Hotaling- Bass
Dave Hadley- Drums

For more information on Laestrygonia visit them on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Laestrygonia

-Erik Jensen

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