Wild Adriatic Returns to Europe to Tour and Support New Live Album

Albany rockers Wild Adriatic will return to Europe with a tour that will take place in April and May 2016. The tour will be in support of their new full-length live album release. Tour dates will be released in the coming months as well as more information on the much-anticipated live album.

NYS Music reached out to drummer Mateo Vosganian to talk about the recent developments.

NYS Music: How are you guys feeling about releasing the new album?

Mateo Vosganian: We’re really excited to release a live album for our first time. We’ve spent the last few years really working hard at growing as a live band and it’ll be awesome to have a chance to showcase the fruits of that labor on a live album. It’s sure to be one hell of a party weekend this Halloween weekend at The Hollow in Albany (Fri 10/30 & Sat 10/31). We’re recording both nights and using the best of both shows to make up the live record. Super excited to see all of that come to fruition!

NYSM: This is not your first European tour, right? When was your last one, and can you describe the experience?

MV: Correct, it’s our second Euro tour. The last one was November-December of 2014 for about 5 weeks. It was an insane trip, honestly. The craziest tour we’ve ever been on. Latest nights, some of the craziest shows, and some mild culture shock along the way made for a great experience. Our French tour manager and our booking agency took fantastic care of us and a lot of the shows were met with enthusiastic crowds.

NYSM: What are you looking forward to with your return?

MV: We’re excited to go back to showcase the developments in the band since we last toured the continent and a bunch of new material. Plus… The people are incredible. We made so many great friends that we have been dying to get back and see, so it’s gonna be a loooong 8 months wait! Lucky we’ve for plenty of stateside touring coming up to keep us busy!